Sarah's Song Concert Ministry

It isn’t very often that someone knocks on the door of a ministry and says, “Hey, how can we help?”  That is exactly the premise for the creation of this arm of our ministry, the concert ministry.  We were created for the express purpose of offering quality programs that teach the body of Christ about the importance of maternity ministries across the nation.
Our team consists of vocalists, multimedia, dance, mime and powerful testimonials.  Through these various venues, God impacts the heart of the listeners in ways that only He can.  His Word of truth pierces the heart of the Church and encourages them to reach out to these precious young mothers and their little ones every single time we perform.  It’s amazing to watch how He works differently at each maternity home we serve.  The body of Christ sees up close and personal into the hearts and lives of the residents served by the local home and how Christ has impacted their eternity.  The community learns about the home and naturally responds with the desire to help more and become involved.  Everyone is blessed!
Our team of experienced, qualified, loving volunteers travels to the maternity home, ministers to their staff and residents and performs a free concert for the local congregation.  The love offering helps cover their expenses as well as boosts the finances of the maternity home we are serving.