Loving Hearts Christian Adoption Agency

A Ministry of the Deepest Kind of Love

So many times the word “adoption” brings with it the feelings of fear...on everyone’s part. We believe that adoption is a ministry to which one is called. Whether you’re a prospective birthmother or birthfather, or a Christian couple considering adoption—we have all been
adopted into God’s family. We are all connected through His love for us.

Loving Hearts Christian Adoption Agency provides the one-on-one personalized care and support through our experienced staff that each member of the adoption triad needs.

Interested in Adoption?

Please email LovingHeartsAdoption@yahoo.com for more information!

Our Services

All of our services are at no charge to the birthmother. And our costs are designed to meet every adopting family’s budget. We also offer:
  • Personal one-on-one counseling
  • Expertise and compassion in facilitating adoptions
  • Birthfamily support groups for each individual involved
  • Housing, when needed, through our maternity home, Sarah’s House
  • Post-adoption support services for both the birthparents and the adoptive family
  • A lifetime of encouragement & support

Our Mission

Our desire is to walk through the painful, bittersweet journey of adoption with all of those involved. Whether it’s through personalized, individual counseling for the birthmother, birthfather, or their families, we want to offer the support that is so critical to a healthy adoption experience.

Our staff consists of professionals who have themselves been either a birthparent or adoptive parent, and who know the emotions and challenges that adoption brings.
Loving Hearts is a ministry of:

Breath of Life Maternity Ministries
P.O. Box 202995
Austin, TX 78720


Our Philosophy

Caring for birthmothers, who often have no one else to turn to while walking through an incredibly difficult time, is the first priority of Loving Hearts Christian Adoption Agency. This is done by providing support, counsel, resources, and encouragement both prior to and following the placement of their child

Loving Hearts does not seek out birthmothers, nor do we in any way coerce pregnant women who seek our care to make a plan of adoption for their children; therefore, we only make a limited number of adoption placements a year. But please do not allow limited numbers to deter you from pursuing the adoption of a child through this ministry.  We believe in having our birthparent(s) choose the family they wish to place with from among our applicants, so there is no waiting list.  We believe God has a perfect plan for each child, birthparent and adoptive couple.


Our History

The history of Breath of Life extends as far back as 1990, when the ministry's Founder, Jeannine Floores, founded Sarah's House Maternity Home in Southern California.  The home was named after Jeannine's daughter, Sarah, whom she lovingly placed for adoption following her own unplanned pregnancy.

In 1996 Jeannine moved to Texas with her husband and is the mother of two sons, the oldest of whom is adopted. This unique perspective of being both a birthmother and an adoptive mother has played a key role in giving Jeannine the knowledge and compassion to work with young mothers in the maternity home and community who are considering adoption.